Membership and Attendance

Membership in the band is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who has a reasonable playing ability and is willing to commit to rehearsing on a regular basis and practicing at home in order to improve their own competency which in turn improves the overall sound of the band.

Prospective members are asked to notify the board of their interest and to commit to three rehearsals. During these three rehearsals the prospective member is asked to make an honest appraisal of his/her suitability for the group. He/she may then commit to participation beginning with the current season. New members are not accepted four(4) weeks prior to a concert. Exceptions to this rule may only be made by the conductor.

The privilege of membership carries with it the responsibility of commitment. It is understood that work and family take precedence, but members should be willing to commit to attendance at rehearsals. The overall sound and musicality of the group is not something that can be practiced at home. It must be developed through regular rehearsals together. These responsibilities include:

1Regular attendance at rehearsals -- being present for at least 2/3 of the rehearsals each season. Attendance shall be taken secretary.
2No more than one absence during the four(4) weeks prior to a concert.
3Participation in the dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal shall be defined as the final rehearsal before a concert.
4Members shall notify the secretary as soon as possible if they will miss a rehearsal or a concert. The secretary will notify the conductor.
5The conductor for that season shall be the only one who may make exceptions to any of the above requirements.

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